A sort of baby shower II

My dearest Coral treated me to a delightful afternoon tea at the Grand Hotel. Delicious treats and the best of company savored slowly. Missing from the photos is the beautiful view- the palace, sea, islands of Stockholm. And the sandwiches we had already eaten.  Such a lovely afternoon! Thank you, Coral!


Week 34 (33+5)

Summer favorites

While we had borrowed a car for shopping and gathering baby things, we took the opportunity to visit our favorite summer café by the sea, Koloni. We usually ride our bikes there, but that wasn’t happening this year. We ate our favorite dessert there, pecan pie, and sat and enjoyed the light summer breeze. Such a lovely sunny afternoon, with my favorite person. With my favorite people.


Today we went shopping for crib, bedding, changing table, etc, etc.  It felt so strange shopping in the children’s section of IKEA, so exciting bringing all these things home!


The day of rest and ice cream

Yesterday’s day of rest included a trip to Ben & Jerry’s. I had a Belgian waffle with vanilla caramel fudge ice cream, whipped cream, and caramel sauce for dinner, followed by a scoop of mint chocolate chunk for dessert.

Although being fond of a few flavors, I’ve never been crazy about ice cream, or sweet things in general. Nowadays I have a horrible sweet tooth and in particular an ice cream fetish.  Mint chocolate chip has been my favorite flavor as long as I can remember and is nearly impossible to find in Sweden.  A special treat!

This summer is marked by an addiction to the much more accessible B&J’s caramel chew chew, which I suspect a non-pregnant me would think too sweet. I crave it constantly and would gladly eat it for every meal every day, but I am adhering to a strict limit of one (or two) scoops every other day. For the most part anyway.

P.S. In an attempt to be an honest blogger, I will admit I’ve even eaten caramel chew chew for breakfast upon occasion. As I scoop, I try very hard to imagine my midwife saying better ice cream than nothing.

P.P.S. Eating ice cream for breakfast may be grounds for deportation from Sweden. I don’t think they can deport me now that I’m a citizen, but maybe I should check before I go confessing such things for the whole world to read…

Work week

We’ve declared today a day of rest and plan on doing whatever relaxing and/or fun things we want to do. We have worked hard this week. We’ve moved furniture, cleaned out closets and shelves and drawers, and made tough choices of what to keep, what to throw out, and what to give away.

Next week we have sorting and organizing to do, another heavy load of stuff for Jonathan to drag on the subway to second hand, and a few things we hope to sell on Blocket. And what life-changing event doesn’t warrant an epic shopping spree at IKEA?

I’m hoping we’ll be able to get everything done soon so we can spend the rest of Jonathan’s vacation visiting our favorite archipelago cafe, doing a little unnecessary baby shopping, and eating ice cream along Stockholm’s beautiful shores. (He’s hoping to get everything done soon so he can go fishing.)